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Rotary kiln-technology and system solutions

The cement clinker rotary kiln is particulary suitable for the use of secondary energy sources because of its geometric dimensions.

In order to avoid secondary (or after) burning in the rotary kiln or preceeding calcinator, the optimum combustion ratio of the different solid fuel materials is established using time consuming burnability tests. At the same time, the particle separation curve of possible solid fuels for defined raw meal characteristics is calculated.

The solid fuels often used are petroleum coke, coal or recycled plastic and tyres.

Based on the calculated parameters, the defined raw meal is burned in the experimental rotary kiln and the characteristics of the clinker produced is analysed.
After reaching the desired quality, the dimensions of the individual rotary kiln and the front-connected calciner, as well as by CMP AG newly developed combustion chamber for secondary fuels are determined.
Resulting from these initial experiments, the burning process is confirmed and can be defined down to the smallest detail.
Fuel mixture: 60% petrolium coke and 40% Gas

Fuel mixture:
60% petroleum coke and 40% gas

References - Worldwide kiln construction projects

Exchange of rotary kiln parts

A rotary kiln has considerable vibrations in the drive station foundations at speeds above 2,2 rpm. Using laser technology to establish the centre axis of the kiln, as well as a sonar test of the shell and an analysis of the foundation oscillations, the cause of the fault was localised. By repairing the shell, the fault was erradicated so that the kiln could rotate vibration- free at up to 3,9 rpm.

Tyre exchange

Adjustment and optimisation measures
carried out on a ø 4,4 m x 73 m
rotary kiln in order to increase the
capacity from 3200 to 4000 to/day.
Tyre exchange


Complete installation and/or installation components
Repairing and overhauling of a ø 4,2 m x 70 m rotary cement kiln at a cement works       in Europe:

  • Rotary kiln shell
  • Kiln tyres
  • Tyre bearing kiln shell sections
  • Roller stations
  • Drive components
  • Toothed ring and drive pinion
  • Cast steel kiln inlet and outlet segment system
  • Kiln inlet and outlet seals
  • Heating gas generator and burner assembly

Production of kiln rollers from a welded

Kiln rollers - bearing and frame
for a cement rotary kiln ø 4,8 m x 52 m.
Slide bearing design with water cooling.

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