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The Storage and material handling technology
for processing plants is becoming increasingly important

CMP AG discharge and feed systems are characterised by great accuracy and the achievement of homogenous mixtures, ensuring very tight tolerances up to ± 0,2%, depending on requirement.

In almost all processing plants, the storage and material handling technology demands a relatively high percentage of the overall investment volume.

This is justified by:

  • High capacities
  • The presence of a high proportion of fine particles (dust) requiring environmentally sophisticated installations
  • High demands on the homogenous removal of stored bulk materials, necessary to ensure the permanent operation of the subsequent process equipment

The civil engineers of M&M Bau, a CMP-owned subsidiary company, developed, in close cooperation with the CMP-specialists for storage and material handling systems, several modular designs for the field of steel and reinforced concrete construction.

Storage capacities of 1,000 to 250,000 tonnes for even the finest powder in micrometer ranges, as well as for bulk materials with a grain size up to 100 mm (and larger) and transport capacities of up to 2,000 to/h, were taken into account during development.

CMP AG storage and material handling systems are found in many different areas, ranging from the food to the cement industry.

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