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Stable manufacturing processes
demand flexible and timely reaction

CMP AG survey engineers
work out the theoretical kiln centre axis using laser guided survey instruments and calculate the necessary corrections on the roller and drive stations.

With the help of very exact measurements, the actual condition of the kiln shell is established and using a suitable transcript, detailed suggestions for possible repair measures are worked out.

Experienced CMP AG engineers stand ready for immediate world wide deployment. The more and more important availability of single tools and therefore the investments in the processing and building materials industries require the highest level of quality management in the building of complexes plants.

On the other hand, extreme thermic and/or
mechanical demands in the production
processes cause unexpected shut downs,
making unplanned maintenance work necessary.
Vermessungs- und Einstellungsarbeiten

Survey and adjustment work on a rotary kiln

The ability to carry out fault analysis and to create technical solutions, as well as to create the design and workshop drawings under consideration of local possibilities, is a precondition for the selection of our specialists.

Design weaknesses as well as low production standards in the production of mill shells can cause a crack in differnent parts of the mill shells. Cracks with a length of 2 m and more are not unusual.

CMP specialist welding engineers supervise the preparation of the cracks, prepare the welding procedures and oversee the repairs, as well as carrying out the associated quality control of the welding joins, and improvements if necessary, before recommissioning a trunnion head wall of a ball mill.
Preparations for welding repairs on the trunnion head wall of a cement mill.
Preparations for welding repairs on the trunnion head wall of a cement mill.

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