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The technical principle of the BETA-MILL is pressure grinding. By having defined feeding velocity, material height and width, a defined layer of material will be fed to the pressure transaction zone (grinding zone).

Homogenity and ideal pre-airing assure the perfect utilitisation of the employed energy in the grinding process.

In comparision to other pressure grinding mills additional energy savings of up to 30% are possible due to the optimised grinding conditions of the BETA-MILL, compared to ball mills even up to 70% are feasible.


  • Most energy efficient grinding principle
    -> New pressure grinding mill

  • Lowest wear rate
    -> Minimized speed difference & friction

  • Partial loads without losses on efficiency
    -> Free adjustable working speed

  • Easy & cost reduced spare-parts
    -> Standard components, e.g. gearbox

  • One grinding plant for many products
    -> Fast product change < 5 minutes

  • Further information on BETA-MILL you will find here:         

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