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Complete solution
for the dry mortar industry

Sand- and limestone production for the dry motar industry

Sand and limestone processing is the basis for the production of dry mortar.
Crushing, drying, grinding, separating and classifying are the basic processes which are always needed in the dry mortar industry. They demand a large proportion of the overall industrial investment in many dry mortar production facilities.

For this reason, CMP AG has developed a modular design system for the dry mortar industry, which allows the client to make a considered and rapid decision.

Layout of a sand and
limestone production facility for the production of plaster, with an overall height of approx. 50 m.
drymortar and plaster

Here are some processing modules
for the dry mortar industry

  • Rotary dryer
  • Cone crusher
  • Rod mill
  • Air separator
  • Multi-deck compact sizer
  • Measuring system
  • Mixer
  • Bulk loading system

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